How early should I arrive to my appointment?

We encourage our clients to arrive 10 minutes early to all their appointments in order to get settled and prepared. This will help us obtaining the necessary information prior each treatment, and to be able to offer you a better experience at My Treatment Space.


What happens if I am running late to my treatment time?

Please give us a call or send us an email so we know you’r coming late to your treatment.  Please refer to the Late Policy for more details.

What happens during my first appointment?

We must create a file for each client we see, no matter the location or where the treatment is performed. We will ask you to fill out a Health History Form, which will be kept in our possession. All client’s information is strictly confidential, and it will be only released or duplicated with written authorization from the client.

The therapist will sit with you and review your Health History information. The therapist will ask questions about your condition in order to gather more information about the pain or discomfort you are presenting. Please keep in mind that you do not have to answer a question if you don’t feel comfortable answering it!

Following the interview the therapist will perform an assessment. The idea of the assessment is to assist the therapist finding the cause or possible causes of your pain and discomfort, in order to plan and offer the correct treatment for your condition. We will be looking at your posture, search for structural or functional imbalances, movement restrictions, degree of pain, type and location of pain, as well as flexibility of the client. We will also perform a series of Orthopedic and Neurological tests that might recreate the pain and symptoms of your condition. This will help us to know what structures are involved and must be treated.

Am I going to be wearing clothes during the treatment?

It depends on the treatment and on your preference.

For chair and table massages with the length of 15 or 30 minutes, treatments can be performed with having you fully clothed.

For longer treatments you are more than welcome to choose your comfort zone. You can remove as much clothing as you would like, as you will be always covered with sheets. Only the parts of the body that we are treating will be uncovered, but the rest of your body will be covered with sheets. Your therapist will explain the areas that will be treated, and you can make the decision on what to wear during your treatment!

What should I do before my massage treatment?

Please keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, everyday! On your treatment days avoid drinking lots of water immediately prior to your appointment. As well, avoid eating heavy meals at least 90 minutes before your treatment. This will facilitate decreasing the activation of the Sympathetic Nervous system and will let your body relax.

Does OHIP cover Massage Therapy Treatments?

Most extended health plans cover Massage Therapy treatments. To get more information, please talk to your employer or directly to your insurance company.

What can I do after the treatment to increase its benefits?

You might feel sore or tired after a treatment. Drink lots of water to re-hydrate the tissues, an epsom salt bath or a warm shower followed by a good night’s sleep.

The Therapist will also give you some homework for you to perform on your own; this may include flexibility, postural, and strengthening exercises. Please follow the recommendations provided by your Therapist.

What is the recommended treatment frequency?

It is hard to generalize as it depends on the condition to treat.

Acute conditions benefit from continuous treatments. These treatments will help accelerate the healing process and prevent collagen fibers from causing adhesions in the soft tissues. Once the acute condition reaches the chronic state, maintenance treatments are good to help prevent flare-ups, as well as maintaining or increasing mobility of the tissue.

If the reason for your treatment is to relax, to relieve muscle soreness from physical activities, or due to tension headaches, one treatment every two weeks, once a month or every other month will help you. Again this depends on the degree of discomfort of each client, as well as the frequency of the pain/discomfort or physical activity.

At the end, what is important is that you feel you have benefited from each treatment.

Can I go to my appointment after having a couple of beers?

This is not recommended as we need you to be completely aware of your body, in order to get the correct feedback from you when performing the treatment.