In Ontario, Registered Massage Therapists are highly respected in the Health Profession. They provide the community their knowledge in order to prevent illness, decrease symptoms, and bring many different physiological and psychological benefits to their clients.

In some cases, Massage Therapy cannot treat the condition directly, but it will help manage some of their symptoms and recurrence. For those cases where our treatments are contraindicated, we will be more than happy to refer you to a specialist for your condition.


Increases flexibility by improving resting length of muscles | Increases local and systemic circulation | Improves posture | Increases mobility, and range of motion of joints by eliminating fibrosis and adhesions in the tissue, and rearranging collagen fibers | Relaxes muscles and decreases spasm | Improves lymphatic flow in the superficial lymphatic capillaries | Decreases sympathetic nervous system activity, allowing relaxation to occur | Decreases stress levels helping to improve immune system activity | Accelerates recovery from acute conditions, such as contusions, sprains, strains, while promoting healing of the tissue during its inflammatory stage | Reduces or eliminates pain levels by breaking the physiological pain cycle and by increasing blood flow to the tissue | Assists in the recovery of denervated.


Contusions | Cerebral Palsy | Spinal Cord Injuries | Muscle Strains | Ligamentous Sprains | Meniscal Injuries | Tendonitis | Bursitis | Frozen Shoulder | Torticollis | Tension Headache | Dislocations | Fractures | Whiplash | Migraine | Patellofemoral Syndrome | Inflammatory Arthritides | Dupuytren’s Contracture | Anxiety | Osteoporosis | Cancer | Hyperlordosis | Hyperkyphosis | Scoliosis | Premenstrual Syndrome | Temporomandibular joint dysfunction | Degenerative Disk Disease | Decubitus Ulcers | Hemiplegia | Multiple Sclerosis | Parkinson | Peripheral Nerve Lesions | Sciatic Nerve Lesion | Bells Palsy | Pes Planus | Iliotibial Band Contracture | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Piriformis Syndrome | Chronic Bronchitis | Asthma | Constipation | Inflammatory Bowel Disease | Depression | Fibromyalgia.